Pitches + Submissions

We are always open to pitches and submissions for our online journal, and are taking pitches and submissions for Issue One until October 1st. 

Message us at crbsubmitpitch@gmail.com to pitch or submit a piece for our consideration. 

If you want to write something for us but don’t quite know where to start, we can work together to pick a book or topic. Send us an email to see a list of books we’d like reviewed.

All writers published, in an issue or online, will be modestly compensated (upon completion of final draft). Book reviewers will also be provided with a review copy of whatever book they are reviewing.

We don’t have strict guidelines in terms of length—generally, pieces will be between 1500 (shorter review) and 5000 words (long-form essay or investigation). One of our editors will work with you once a pitch is accepted, and we set guidelines on a case by case basis.

We are looking to publish reviews of titles slated for fall release. We want people to use books as a jumping off point to discuss a larger societal issue. Book reviews should also be works of cultural criticism or commentary.

Besides book reviews, we publish works of cultural criticism, art criticism, movie reviews, “literary” or new journalism, and engaging essays that are equal parts first-person narrative and third-person cultural analysis. We’ll figure out if the accepted pitch is better suited for an issue or our online journal, but typically the online journal emphasizes reviews, while issues prioritize journalism and essays and have a more explicit Midwestern focus.

*Please note that payment is contingent upon approval of the first round of edits. If we kill a piece after multiple rounds of edits we will pay a 50% fee of the originally agreed payment. Having a pitch accepted does not guarantee publication.